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Welcome stranger to these halls.

This temple is a place of awe, but do not be fooled by its aesthetics; many jewels glitter from within, and yet most are jewels for fools. It is often the deepest darkest coal, that fuels ones progression.

Only fools follow the jewels; they will lead you to ruin, for the temple is deadly. Most who tread upon the gateway lack the strength of mind to perservere past the entrance hall. Seeing the ravaging creatures within, they flee in fear, or simply lack the ambition to traverse past the challenges.

Perserverance, sweat and toil; these are the only tools you must bring to the temple. Without them all will fail. But these are simple things, taught to the smallest of children by their parents: do not give up! try try try again! adages preached to the smallest of challengers in the world.

The elementary mistake most make is to assume the temple prepares you for challenges. The temple is the challenge, only you yourself can prepare yourself for challenges. You must put in much effort, much toil, and much sweat! Respect the temple; it is a mighty thing, existing far beyond any manifestation of it you can see. The temple will destroy you itself, and trick you into its many traps.

This is where many reside, tricked and caught up in the many traps; the more time they spend within, the harder it is for them to escape; and from within they call down to those yet to fall, and trick them to walk down. Do not follow the lights! they will drown you. The fallen become more and mroe intergrated into the temple, they become the infrastructure, and stronger become their calls! beware.

I suggest team work. Find a team of challengers yet to fall, and work alongside them; supporting each other your chances of falling highly diminish.

The temple is a dojo. It is a collaboration of people with similarities to a church. It is a place of learning. Within these walls we emulate the outside; as outside, so within. Outside has the same marvels, the same traps; but here failure is acceptable, so you can learn not to do it outside. It is not about learning here and practicing outside, it is about practising here and applying outside.

So stranger; again I say welcome, but beware, for this place will corrupt the weak to levels of insignificance.

- Kissed by Shiva