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I feel, in all humility, that it is enough to learn emotional control without making it into an exaggeration or a false homage to the Jedi archetypes in the movies. Light Jedi in the world are human beings that feel emotions and have learned and trained to accept and deal with them in meaningful, life affirming and charitible ways.

Just doing that alone with regularity is a very significant thing. There is no glossing over or drinking of kool aid. The ethic is based on the belief that we are energetic beings and have the capacity, through self discipline to use our talents for the betterment of humankind. The self discipline need not require stuffing down ones feeling or denying them.

That is unhealthy and stupid to do because emotions are energy and cannot be destroyed but only transformed. It does not have to be complicated unless you want it to be. A Light Jedi must not fall pray to a scrupulous self monitoring and intellectualization of his or her moment to moment emotional state, for that is anathema to preserving the connection to the Force, which exists in the here and now.

At the same time it is not a bad thing to think about what one's emotions mean or where they may come from. However, Light Jedi can easily be turned to evil if they are emboldened to categorize, mark and define every little flitter of emotional response- for it courts a pervasive narcisism that places the self at the center at the expense of the other. This then sets up a consciousness mindset that betrays the Light Jedi's commitmant to others and the community as a whole.

Why else temper and control one's emotions? Is it really just for one's self edification? One's own hurtles and goals jumped over and pursued to purchase self esteem from a self constructed external board of phantasms that wish to say "that's just good and right!" It is for others! We serve others! Hell is a beauracracy, devoid of well meaning error...things just click away in Newtonian clockwork regularity. It is not the Jedi way!! We are human beings for human beings!