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This is an archive of writings presented by the Dark Council in their Lecture Hall on the webboard.

Buyer beware! This is a collection of writings produced over the course of a decade by a diverse range of individuals. This archive is provided for the purpose of study and reflection, and not in order to demonstrate a current school of thought. Many lectures reflect past interests that are no longer represented within the community.

First Dynasty Lecture Hall

The following series of lectures was presented during Moor's leadership of the Dark Council:

The Lessons

Forum of the Dark Lords

(A thread of occasional lectures on aspects of dark philosophy presented separately from the lessons)

Second Dynasty Lecture Hall

The following lectures were presented during Satelle's leadership of the Dark Council in addition to the lectures of the first dynasty.

See also Fatum Operandi, which was initially developed as a training program for the Dark aspect, before becoming independent of the Force Academy.[1]

Third Dynasty Lecture Hall

The council led by Richard Francis Irvine eventually cleared the lecture hall, and presented a new selection of lectures in a different format.

Darkness and the individual




Fifth Dynasty Lecture Hall

The next redevelopment of the lecture hall was carried out by the fifth dynasty, under Kissed by Shiva's leadership. It contained an introduction and two volumes of teachings.

Matters of the mundane

Codex: Standing up


During the interregnum, in which Emma Syncler managed the affairs a leader would otherwise handle, Richard Irvine created a framework for and collated a selection of teachings from the past.

Teachings to aid the student in their ascent into darkness...

Sixth Dynasty Lecture Hall

After Khaos became acting head of the Dark aspect, the Lecture Hall was cleared out and redone by Kiss.

A plethorea of past lectures were revisited...

The Lecture Hall

An Open Training Program was also developed under the direction of Kiss utilizing lessons from various pathwalkers, lessons pointedly directed towards action, practice, doing.

Open Training Program

Introduced by Kiss, the O.T.P. was presented on a fortnightly basis. Shortly before and during Kiss's absence, presentation of the lessons was continued by Draconis.

The Array of Lessons

Seventh Dynasty Lecture Hall

Darth Draconis removed all contents from the past lecture hall after becoming the Leader of the the Dark Council and changed the entire layout, segregating it into three sections.

Main Lecture Hall

Collections & Codices

Collections and Codices created by Darksiders, gathered indiscriminately from various eras to be presented as a part of the new lecture hall.

Draconian Codex
Written by Darth Draconis

The Path Of Heresy
Written by Michael

The Book Of Conflict
Written by Khaos

Matters of the Mundane
Written by Kiss

Codex: Standing Up
Written by Kiss

Soliloquies | Monologues| Asides

A Collection of lectures from the Dark Side, produced by and harvested from the general populace.

Open Training (Revitalized)

The Open Training program of the past era deteriorated and was eventually abandoned. Shortly before Darth Draconis became head of the aspect, he revitalized the program, changing the process of acquiring submissions and the way they were to be presented to the general populace of the FA.

The First Array

The Second Array

The Third Array