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The Light Aspect

(Last updated: 25th February 2012)

Our mission...

The Light Aspect mission is to uphold the ideals of the Light Path; providing leadership, education and the means to find spiritual, mental and physical advancement in this community called The Force Academy.

We provide an organizational structure to ensure high standards, principles, and an on-going learning experience. Encouraging confidence in oneself and a connection to the world, which is more than oneself. To learn, unlearn, discover who you are and what you're capable of as a true Human Being..

Training Program

The Light Jedi Training Program offered at the Force Academy is set-up in a basic three step process. That consists of an Academy Course, Apprenticeship, and the Jedi Trials. We will briefly look at each of these to give a better idea of what one can expect it from the program offered here.

The Academy Course covers four main topics; Self-Awareness, Physical Fitness, the Jedi Code, and Meditation, with further focus on self-awareness and meditation later in the course. Each main topic has four to five lessons with multiple lectures and assignments to follow and complete. This course is meant to help the individual Jedi build a solid foundation from which further Jedi ideals will be built upon. Given a week per lesson you are looking at a course lasting approximately 27 weeks.

Apprenticeship is the next step in the learning process for a Jedi Student. Apprentice is one-on-one training with a qualified Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. In this the Jedi Student gains a mentor to help build upon that foundation and help them understand how Jedi Philosophy applies to everyday life. There is no set way that an apprenticeship is gained, granted, or set-up. Some pair up because one is a Jedi Healer and the Student wishes to pursue that specialty. Other times, two people just have great chemistry in the student/teacher role and simply continue that journey officially as Student and Mentor. There is no set time limit on Apprenticeship. Some have been as short as three months others as long as three years. It is a process of really bring the lessons into one's life and will take as long as it needs too.

The third step in this process is what is often called the Jedi Trials. This isn't simply a standardized test passing a math exam. This is just as much a part of the learning process as it is continuing onto the next part of the Jedi journey. The Jedi Trials do have standard elements; there will be a written test, an interview with the council, and so on. However the Trials will be tailored to the individual student, to help encourage individual growth and experience as a Jedi in their own right. This process also has no time frame.

Once these three steps have been completed one will be granted the title of Jedi Knight. And the learning process begins all over again. Just another step in the overall journey of living as a Jedi.